Teen Pregnancy/Interpersonal Crisis (Research)

One on the many problems teen girls face today and have been facing for decades is teen pregnancy. Teen pregnancy has always been an issue in America and also an issue that many teenage girls face across all racial lines. In my household alone the last 3 decades before mine have all experienced teen pregnancy. My great grandmother was a teen mother, my grandmother was … Continue reading Teen Pregnancy/Interpersonal Crisis (Research)

An Echo: Wife of Bath’s Prologue and Tale (Literature Commentary)

In the prologue of Wife of Bath’s, Alilsoun gossips a lot about her past marriages and gives many details about each. The prologue shows her as a brutally honest person, who speaks her mind; whether it be about her own sexual appetite, or her using her body to gain material things from her husband’s and to control them. She married her first husband, an older … Continue reading An Echo: Wife of Bath’s Prologue and Tale (Literature Commentary)

News Radio Commercial (Example)

Car Burglaries Katy 92 FM Morning News Radio: 30 secs   HUGHES: Two arrest have been made in a case involving a series of car burglaries in Katy. Two young men are facing charges with connection to the burglaries in Fort Bend County. Stephen Johnson, twenty one, and Caleb Greer, eighteen, were arrested on February 29. Investigators said they recovered cell phones, cash, jewelry, a … Continue reading News Radio Commercial (Example)